AI Infrastructure Experts Since 2018

AI is not just a buzzword; it's a powerful tool that can transform the way businesses operate, innovate, and succeed. With over six years of AI high-performance computing (HPC) experience and a stellar track record of deploying over 50,000 GPUs, we're here to ensure that AI works to your advantage. Our approach is built upon four fundamental pillars, each field proven to deliver value and success to our clients.



We use our proprietary software to design systems with the required performance, security, and scalability. Our approach accelerates time to value by basing system architectures on a proven set of designs that have been validated at scale in numerous production deployments.



We offer full in-factory integration of cluster-based solutions – including the stand-up and validation of complete systems. In-factory experts integrate all components including rack integration, network configuration, and burn-in testing, achieving high rates of system stability.



We drive on-site stand-up activities, coordinating with data storage partners, data center staff, and even plumbing contractors if water-cooled systems are deployed. Penguin Scyld ClusterWare and Scyld Cloud Workstation are then used to provision the system and validate production readiness.



As an Nvidia DGX-Ready Managed Services provider, we offer complete 24/7 on-site break-fix support, spares management, remote system administration, help desk ticket processing, and ongoing security updates. These services span on-premises and public cloud resources.

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